I built this website for my band...

I'm Andy. I've been a musician for 30+ years and I've got more than a decades worth of Digital Print, Graphic Design and eCommerce experience. I front and manage Dogshark Blues and I love to cock about with guitar gear on my Youtube channel DGPS.
I needed an online store for my band. And I was presented with the usual problems. I had a website but no online store. Creating an online store is complicated, requires a lot of technical knowledge and comes with set up costs.
But luckily I already had an eCommerce site so I created a page just for my bands merch. And I was also lucky enough to have some great friends in the Print-on-Demand business who could integrate with my eCommerce platform and provide manufacturing and fulfilment. And it worked.
It worked REALLY well.
So well that I decided if it worked for my band, it would work for other artists, bands or creatives in a similar situation.
And wouldn't it be nice to have a dedicated platform built specifically for them to sell their merch direct to their fans that cost them nothing up front. Where they could design their artwork and just start selling. From a page with their branding that they could link to from their social pages or website, where their fans could just click and buy merch. Where their merch is made to order so there was no need to buy anything in advance.
So I got to work...
And now we have That Attitude!