Personalisation Design Guide

Creating your personalised merch using our personalisation tools couldn't be easier. And it all starts with the artwork.

But we have an old saying in the print business.

"Put sh*t in. Get sh*t out."

What this means is that the quality of the artwork you start with ultimately determines the quality of the finished printed product.

So we want to make sure that your artwork is fit for the job.

It's actually quite simple and following a few simple rules will ensure that your artwork is suitable for our production process and will result in a quality finish.

Rule 1 - Use our Design Templates

Below you will find all our design templates for our personalised products. These give you the correct dimensions to work to and reference any critical areas to consider in creating your artwork. If you create your artwork using these, then it will be a simple matter of uploading your image and it will already be correct for the product.

Rule 2 - Minimum 200dpi Resolution

If you want your artwork to look as sharp as possible on the finished product then do not submit artwork with a resolution lower than 200dpi. You can go higher but do not go lower.

Rule 3 - Know Your Substrate!

When designing your product artwork it is critical that you understand the base colour of the product that your artwork will be printed on. With the exception of our T-Shirts all of our products start out with a white substrate. Meaning if you don't want any white areas showing on your finished product you need to fill the entire artwork design with colour. T-Shirts are a little different. Because we are printing to a transfer film that is then applied to the product. This means that you can have transparent areas in yor artwork if you want the colour of the T-Shirt to show thru in those areas. Which leads us on to our next rule...

Rule 4 - JPGs are fine PNGs are better

For one main reason. With a PNG you can preserve any areas of transparency. Which you will need if you want the base colour of your T-Shirt to show thru in any part of your design.

Rule 5 - If You're Not Sure, Ask!

There is no such thing as stupid questions. But there are stupid people who don't ask questions when they should. We're here to help. If you need anything at all then send us an email to, submit a request via our Contact Form or send us message via Facebook Messenger Chat at the bottom of the page.