Terms of Usage

By checking the box in our Personalisation or Artist Page application form you are agreeing to the following terms of usage. This is also our promise to you to provide the best service possible. Please read below...

These terms apply to both the Personalisation and Artist Page sections of our website.

NO Contracts. NO minimum terms. NO MoQs. Use our site or don't. It's entirely up to you. If at any point you decide that you no longer want to use our site then just let us know and we will take your page down. We'll honour any outstanding orders and payments.

While we do not believe in stifling the creativity of anyone who uses our site, we manufacture and ship your merchandise. And if you have an artist page, we publicly display your artwork on our site. As such it is our responsibility to maintain a legal, safe and inclusive environment for all users of our platform by monitoring the content submitted to us. 

That Attitude is bound to adhere to DCMA & Copyright Infringement laws. By uploading images to our site you acknowledge and agree that you have the rights to use the designs contained within those images. Please refer to our DCMA & Copyright policy page for further information.

We reserve the right to refuse to manufacture products, or host images on our website, displaying imagery containing, but not limited to...

  • Offensive slogans
  • Pornography
  • Depictions of violence
  • Child abuse
  • Criminal activity

At our discretion we may remove images from your artist page if we feel they violate this policy. If we feel that this is necessary we will contact you to discuss the matter. Gross violation of this policy may result in the artist being banned from our platform.

By submitting artwork to our site you agree that we may use your product images or artwork in our marketing and social media content, or website design. Where possible, we will @mention you in our marketing content.

To access our personalisation section, products and pricing you must be be an artist, band or creative entity and able to prove this. We reserve the right to refuse access if sufficient evidence cannot be provided to meet these criteria.

You will not share your access to our personalisation section with anyone outside of your creative organisation. If we suspect that access to our personalisation section has been compromised or is being used by any unauthorised personnel we reserve the right to remove access.

Should you, or your customers buying merch from your artist page, have any issues with our products that are related to the manufacture or shipping of the item then we will accept liability to resolve that issue. But we cannot accept unwanted returns. Once our blank stock has been printed with your artwork it becomes your stock. For example if your customer purchased the wrong size or simply changed their minds and no longer wants the item. As your merch is printed on-demand with your artwork it cannot be returned to our stock. These will need to be returned to you. If we are contacted by one of your customers regarding an issue that is not under our remit we will refer them to you via your contact email address. For further info please refer to our Returns policy.

You are putting your trust in us to act as your merchant and we will often be dealing directly with your customers. And we fully appreciate that a poor experience had at the hands of the chosen merchant of the artist your are a fan of, can have a negative impact on the artist themselves. Which is why as part of our terms of usage we offer our promise to uphold the highest level of professionalism and respect when dealing with both you as an artist and your customers.

We are bound by data security and GDPR laws to protect your personal data. For further information please refer to our Privacy policy.

We will send you a notification to your designated email address every time one of your items is sold. We will provide with a monthly sales report. Payouts, if due, will be made to your designated payment method in the first working week of each month.