How Do I Get My Own Artist Page?

Simply apply thru our contact form by selecting the appropriate drop down option. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.
We will then work with you to get everything we need to set up your artist page. This will include your logo for branding your page. Your product choices. Email address for notifications. Payment details for payouts. Artwork for your products and your chosen retail prices. 
We will then set up your page and provide you with a link and a QR code for your page.
Your page will also be publicly accessible thru our artists section.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Artist Page?

Initially nothing.
We charge a £0.65 merchant fee on top of your wholesale cost for each item you sell on our website from your artist page.
We set everything up for you for free. We host and maintain your page. Make any changes you require. Manage all the payment processing and provide reporting. So we get paid only when you sell something.
And as you get to decide your own retail price you can adjust this to accommodate our merchant fee.

How Is My Merch Made?

That depends on the product. Our T-Shirts are printed using DTF (Direct-to-Film) which prints your image to a transfer medium which is then applied to the t-shirt using a heat press and the image is bonded to the t-shirt using an adhesive.
All of our other products are printed using a technology called Dye Sublimation. This is where, similarly to DTF, the image is printed first to a transfer medium. The image is then transferred to the product using heat and pressure. But in this case, the ink (which is actually a dye) turns to a gas and chemically bonds with the substrate. This means that the image essentially becomes part of the product and is incredibly durable.
Both these methods of production mean we can apply any image to all our products. There are no limitations in terms of colour or image type.  

How Long Will My Order Take To Make & Ship?

Because this is a print-on-demand business there is a 1-3 working day lead time on the manufacturing of your order before your order will be despatched.
Shipping times vary depending on destination.
See our Shipping page for more info.

Can I Use Any Image For My Product Artwork?

Within reason yes. Please review our Terms Of Usage.

I'm Having Trouble With My Artwork. Can You Help?

Of course. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

See our Shipping page.

I’ve Created A Personalised Product.  How Do I Get That Onto My Artist Page?

You don’t. But we can do that for you.
Because of how our workflow and product ordering works the personalisation products and your own artist page products need to be set up individually.
But you can use the personation tools to create your artwork and see mockups.
You then provide us with the artwork and we will set up your products for your artist page.  

I Don’t Want An Artist Page. Can I Still Have Access To The Personalisation Section?

Of course. As long as we can establish that you're an artist you can have access to our personalisation section.
There is no requirement to also have an artist page. But if you do request an artist page this automatically grants you access to our personalisation section. 

Can Anyone Access The Personalisation Section?

Nope. We’re a bit like Costco for Artists.
You must be an artist, band or creative organisation in order to qualify for access to our personalisation section.
We will do our due diligence in reviewing your application and you must have a way to demonstrate your validity as an artist. Social media pages, websites, YouTube channels etc.
We appreciate that not everyone will have the same credentials so we’ll work with you to establish your validity.
We do this because we want our artists to have access to our wholesale pricing, so they can sell their merch at retail prices that ensure they will make a profit. It’s hard enough for artists to make money these days so we are keen to protect our fellow artists ability to earn a living.

How Do I Know When I've Sold Something From My Artist Page?

We will tell you. Our platform is configured to automatically send you a notification when one of your products is ordered. We also send you a monthly sales report.

How Do I Get Paid From My Merch Sales?

We make monthly payouts to your designated Bank or Paypal account.

How Do I Decide On My Retail Pricing?

That’s entirely up to you. By applying for an artist page, if approved, you will also be given access to our personalisation section.
In that section you can see our wholesale prices. And for each product we provide an RRP (Recommended Retail Price). 
But it’s up to you. Use our RRP or set your own prices. 

There Are Products I Would Like To Sell That You Don't Have. What Can I do?

Talk to us. We're always looking for new products to introduce. But we're integrated with a print-on-demand fulfilment service via a complex workflow. Introducing new products that can be customised using our personalisation tools, ordered, manufactured and shipped from our fulfilment centre can be a lengthy and costly process. If we see enough demand for a product then it will help move things forward.

Can I customise the look of my page?

At this time we are maintaining templated design for our artist pages. You can have your page branded with your logo and your products. But for the moment that is the only customisation available.

Can I have Front & Back Print On T-Shirts?

Yes. Although currently our personalisation app does not allow for this. We are currently updating it so we have this functionality. In the meantime if you want your T-Shirts to have a front and back print then get in touch and we can make that happen.

I Already Have Merch From Another Supplier. Can I sell it On My Artist Page?